Lundi 11 juillet 2011

Lure more high-tech LED lights

The average life of an ordinary incandescent about 800 hours, the average life of an ordinary fluorescent lamp is about 5000 hours, an ordinary energy-saving lamps average life of approximately 8000 hours, LED energy saving lamps average life of 30,000 hours or more (3-5 years) .

Reporters learned in the market, currently used for home LED lights are bulb, fluorescent tube lights, spotlights, table lamps, etc., of which the main bulb is 3W, 5W, 9W and other models. Compared to traditional incandescent and loved by residents of energy-saving lamps, LED lamps are low power, high brightness, low-calorie, environmental durability and so on.

The first is low energy consumption. Xu Bing to reporters cited an example: "an ordinary 60cm Grille, the three plus three 20W 5W lamp ballast, whose total power of 75W. And use LED lights, then: to achieve it the same effect, as long as the three 8W lamp components, and does not require ballast, the total power of 24W. As a comparison, each set of grille save 75W-24W = 51W of power, equivalent to saving 68% of the electricity. "

At the same time, it's long life, durable. It is a solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat deposition, the light fades and other shortcomings. LED light bulbs and fluorescent tubes are more than solid.

LED is a non-toxic materials, mercury and lead, can be recycled. No ultraviolet and infrared spectra, neither heat nor radiation, glare small, cold light, safe to touch, typical of the green lighting. "The fever will not be roasted at home situation, changing light bulbs do not turn off the lights, because is not hot." Xu Bing said, LED light technology with cold, fever is much lower than conventional lighting, high brightness, low heat advantages, an 8W LED light than an ordinary 20W fluorescent lamp is also lit. It also has no delay, no noise, no flash, etc..

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LED lights high prices, lower figure need to be

LED lamps have a lot of advantages, but its high price makes it difficult to enter the home the general public.

It is understood that good quality on the market of a 5W energy-saving lamps, its price is about hundred dollars, and some brands of energy-saving lamps price about $ 30, a difference of several times. "I was on the market such as the price dropped to less than 50 to buy." During the interview, one is to buy energy-saving light bulbs of the respondents said. "Indoor lighting, there are still a lot to promote some difficulties, mainly the high cost, difficult to reach every household, but lighting a long time in large-scale supermarkets, businesses, etc., due to energy-saving effect is obvious, can be recovered within two years costs, so welcomed by many users. "an industry source said.

Xu Bing told reporters that although the LED tube lamp current market price is higher, but long life, coupled with its cost savings, the long run is still very cost-effective. In addition, national authorities are also preferential policies are being developed to reduce the price of LED lights, encouraging the use of LED lights. By then, LED lights into the average family will not be difficult.

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